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Name Pradeep Sen
Groups STC.UNM
Locations New Mexico, United States
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Project Lens-Less Digital Microscope

Through a practical arrangement of an individually addressable nanowire-based LED array integrated onto a ROIC (readout integrated

Primary: STC.UNM
Date posted: Jan 11, 2011
Project Novel Methods of Compressed Sensing to Computer Graphics and Imaging

A method of reconstructing signals (image, video, etc.)  using compressed sensing to accurately estimate signals from

Primary: STC.UNM
Date posted: Jun 9, 2015
Project Novel Obstacle Mapping using Wireless Measurements
STC.UNM is currently seeking companies interested in licensing a method for modeling a mobile ad hoc… more
Primary: STC.UNM
Date posted: May 4, 2011
Project Revolutionary Image Process Method

 A Method for Reducing Noise in Monte Carlo Rendering.

Primary: STC.UNM
Date posted: Jun 9, 2015
Project A Method and System for Feature Extraction and Decision Making from Series of Images

A complete imaging and analysis system for the detection of skin cancer that can offer doctors

Primary: STC.UNM
Date posted: Jul 20, 2015


Publication "Compressive rendering: a rendering application of compressed sensing."
Soheil Darabi; Pradeep Sen
Source: IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics
Date: 2011
Publication "A deterministic model for the sublayer streaks in turbulent boundary layers for application to flow control."
Pradeep Sen
Source: Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
Date: 2007